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The pilot farm (led by Matthew Sennelius) was launched in August 2023.  This project is designed to be simple, scalable and tied up with the organic waste recycling of the community. It is aimed to act as an additional income  stream for GK community members while contributing to one of the most important industries in Indonesia: agriculture. GEKKO works with GK community at Rusunawa Rawa Bebek (RRB), ensuring a communal stake in this project. A group of fathers (who have lost their jobs during the pandemic) are being trained on the job.


GEKKO  is collaborating with the Yum Foundation (an organic farming/food production specialist) for technology and possible market for the community’s extra produce. GEKKO hopes to replicate this farming initiative in other GK Indonesia communities.

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Learning Goal:

I want to learn the best way to tell stories through photography and an online photo gallery platform, as well as the most effective way to tell the stories of those who are low-income workers. I also want to learn how to create a website and an online photography gallery. 


Product Goal:

My product goal is a website photography gallery with photos and stories of people who are going through/have gone through the poverty cycle. Through the product goal, I hope to continue to raise funds for families going through poverty and provide them with jobs that will give them steady income, work skills, and experience for future employment.


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