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  • Where and to whom are the proceeds from the sale of t-shirts distributed?
    Proceeds of sale of t-shirts will be used to build learning centers for youth in the Indonesian GK community. The learning centers allow them a quiet space to learn and to access free wi-fi for their online studies. The t-shirts will also be made by people in the GK community where they will earn wages for the production and delivery of t-shirts.
  • What is Gekko Indonesia? How does it relate to Gerakan Kepedulian?
    Gekko Indonesia is an online store for Gerakan Kepedulian that aims to provide a sustainable business platform and livelihood for the people in the GK community.
  • What are the payment methods used?
    Buyers can choose to pay using direct payment methods via DOKU online payment, direct bank transfers, and credit cards.
  • Can I return the t-shirt if the size is wrong?
    All t-shirts that have been sent are considered sold and cannot be returned or refunded.
  • Due to the Social Distancing Restrictions (PSBB) that have been implemented, how long is the delivery period for goods?"
    We aim to deliver the goods, depending on the distance of delivery, no later than 7 days after the system receives payment from the buyer.
  • When the courier makes a delivery, is it still possible if I don’t want to have direct contact with the courier?"
    You can tell him where to put the package and the courier will back off to maintain a safe distance when you pick up the package. Delivery does not require a signature, so all you need is to state your name and the courier will take a photo of the package. Our couriers have been trained to do this.
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