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The GEKKO Mask Initiative was the very first project that paved the way for the founding of the GEKKO platform.  The Mask Initiative was started by Richard Miller and the JIS Middle School GK Club in early 2020.  The idea was to give the families (who lost their income) the jobs for cloth mask production to help them through the pandemic.  With the help of a team of the Middle School students and teachers, 4,366 masks were sold.

During the launching of this project, access to procure masks was very challenging.  The cloth masks idea (as encouraged by the World Health Organization at that time) was not just to provide livelihood but to help control the spread of the COVID-19 virus. It also gave the community the chance to be part of the solution.

Mask Initiative
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Media Releases About the GEKKO Mask Initiative

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GK Indonesia Mengajak Anak Muda Peduli Sosial

Generasi muda diajak untuk lebih peduli pada masyarakat sekitarnya sejak usia remaja. Banyak hal yang bisa dilakukan anak muda untuk membantu orang lain yang kurang beruntung.

Self-Sustainability and Strong Community Key to Survive Pandemic for Low-Income Families

Jakarta. Community-based self-sustainability and teamwork will be crucial for underprivileged families to survive the pandemic, non-governmental organization Gerakan Kepedulian Indonesia has said.

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