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In mid 2021 (at the height of the lockdown), Chloe Lembong, with support from the rest of the GEKKO Team, launched a twice a month “zoom session” for 200 mothers from several communities. The sessions were structured towards introducing healthy habits. The nutrition program listed what food items to buy given limited resources. Through the family network of the GEKKO team members, the 200 mothers were also provided (after every zoom session) with healthy food ingredients that do not need refrigeration (e.g. eggs, powdered milk, mung beans, red beans, rice). Experts on women, health, nutrition were also invited to the sessions to become resource persons.


The zoom sessions also became an online space for the mothers to share and exchange views on their difficulties and to provide support and encouragement among each other. 

Food for Health
online zoom sessions to face-to-face workshops  ​

From online zoom sessions to face-to-face workshops

Today, the online sessions have become monthly fixtures for several communities. Speakers and experts on healthy food preparation and on women’s general health are invited for the workshops that are being held at the various GEKKO learning centres or at the institutions of the experts.

GEKKO launched the Well-Being Project  (led by Darron Lembong) with the inauguration of the 3 badminton courts at  3 GK communities.  The courts are aimed to provide community residents (kids, youth and adults) a place for regular physical activities. While the kids and adults can improve their physical health, sports can help with their mental health. GEKKO hopes that the building of badminton courts can encourage healthy habits within the community; respecting their bodies by being more active in sports. Team sports also fosters community-wide relationship and better understanding among the residents. A community moves forward when the residents move as one.

Well-being Project
 GEKKO launched the Well-Being Project


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