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The pilot farm (led by Matthew Sennelius) was launched in August 2023.  This project is designed to be simple, scalable and tied up with the organic waste recycling of the community. It is aimed to act as an additional income  stream for GK community members while contributing to one of the most important industries in Indonesia: agriculture. GEKKO works with GK community at Rusunawa Rawa Bebek (RRB), ensuring a communal stake in this project. A group of fathers (who have lost their jobs during the pandemic) are being trained on the job.


The pilot farm project had its first harvest in end October 2023. Proceeds from sales will be for the following: (1) income for the fathers (2) working capital for the next planting schedule (3) savings to build up capital to replicate the farm in other communities.

GEKKO  is collaborating with the Yum Organic Farm (an organic farming/food production specialist) for technology and possible market for the community’s extra produce. GEKKO hopes to replicate this farming initiative in other GK Indonesia communities.

Sustainable Farming
farming activity

The Micro-enterprise Program for Women was launched (led by Amara Rachmat) in August 2023 at the GK community Rusunawa Rawa Bebek (RRB). The program aims to create sustainable livelihood and to empower women and their families to be part of the country's retail chain. In most impoverished communities, women do not have the qualifications to pursue careers and better work opportunities.


Through the microenterprise program, GEKKO Indonesia hopes to empower the women by teaching them how to earn and give them a safe space to gather and talk about their personal issues and inspire each other.

Handswork Recycled Paper Products

GEKKO (led by Amara Rachmat) is also working with 5 mothers in the community to revitalize Handswork, a micro-enterprise producing novelty cards from recycled paper. This entails refurbishing equipment and additional training to enable the mothers to create more designs which will be sold at the Jakarta Intercultural School Bazaars and other bazaars in Jakarta.

Micro Enterprises
talking momments
Handswork Recycled Paper Products
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